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Player: Kira.
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Age: 20.
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Character: Presa (Jill Lewin & Mink)
Age: 22.
Canon: Tales of Xillia.
Canon Point: Post-Nia Khera Hallowmont.

Background: wiki
Presa is a woman that doesn't show her true intentions and often wears a mask, making it hard to pinpoint her true colours and who she really is. There are quite a few layers when it comes a person like herself and here are some of the basics; she will come off as a flirtatious woman, one that does not care what others think of her. This can be seen by the type of clothes that she wears as they can be quite revealing, and they show off a lot of skin. Some people find her to be a cold and harsh, being blunt with her words and disconnected with emotions. Others can see her as a greedy person, a woman that wants nothing more to slip into men's bed without a care in the world.

Now, the flirting aspect and caring little about others opinions is a true part of her personality. Presa is quite content to flirt with another person and tease them. She normally does this if she can see it benefiting her in one way or another. She could also be doing this if her superiors requested it, looking to gain something from her use of manipulation. It would be quite rare for her to go any further and long-term in case she develops an actual attraction to them as Presa keeps her heart well guarded. Over the years she developed a thick skin and it is why a person can be nasty and cruel to her with their words and it will just bounce off of her. Because of her life with the Rats, she came across many people who looked down on her and would call her mean because during that time of her life, she basically lived as the lowest of the low. Stick and stones might break her bones, but words will never hurt her. That's a saying that can sum her up very well.

Her body is an aspect that she is proud of and she has little shame in hiding it. This could be because of her upbringing with the Rats -- they had to use their body and charms or being able to recognize that she does have a body that men would lust for -- but either way it has allowed her to feel confidence and empowerment in her own body. Presa is aware that she has nice skin, a thin well-built body and nice pair of breasts to suit it and she will use this to her advantage. She will willingly seduce people by using her body along with the charms she picked up growing up. If her job asks for her to go further than flirting, Presa is willing obliged. One could say she is quite skilled when it comes to the bedroom.

Speaking of her job, it is one that Presa is quite proud of and very loyal to. Her specialty is gaining information and recon which she has been doing since she was sixteen years old. Her life with the Rats required her to sneak around and gather information by any means possible. The recon part of her life only came to light when she joined Gaius as one of his commanders. Because of this, trust is finicky for her along with loyalty as she lived a life of a spy and learned a lot about people. People would easily tell her their secrets and this taught Presa that people can't be trusted -- or at least not straight away without some sort of bond. She learned that they could easily give away topic secret information with just some booze, a woman to warm up their bed and that loyalty can be broken.

Because of her job and previous one, Presa has learned to become quite the actress. Many of her missions have asked for her to behave a certain way and over time, she has been able to learn to adapt and change her personality if need be. It wouldn't too hard for Presa to become a stubborn and proud woman to one who is bashful and shy about herself. Most of the time she will act casual around people, not being hostile unless it's been provoked, but because of that thick skin of hers that isn't easy to manage. She is able to use her body language to mislead people and it can be hard to tell what Presa is actually thinking and feeling because she keeps her true feelings locked away to herself.

However, not everyone can have the perfect mask. There are times where Presa will slip up if she is angry and upset when provoked too much or a sensitive subject has been brought up. (Or bonus points of it's a man called Alvin.) This is a weakness of hers, which she does her best to manage, but nobody is able to completely hide away their flaws. That said, if there is someone that she does not like or view to be bothersome then Presa can become quite cruel. During battles, she likes to tease and taunt people in order to discourage them and serve as a distraction, putting them off their game.

Often Presa will be a blunt person that is honest with her feelings to a certain point. The world she grew up wasn't all sunshine and daisies as her parents abandoned her to save themselves, leaving her to be fend to herself and go through harsh treatments, so why should she sugar coat her words and be gentle? It isn't that she is a heartless person, but Presa doesn't feel the need to try make the world look as if it's a lot better than it seems -- that everyone will get a happily ever after because she is aware that isn't true. There had been a time where she thought it was, she had a relationship with a man called Alvin who she risked everything for and hoped to spend the rest of her life with him, but that had been short-lived. Some people will have a better life than others, who will get what they want in life and Presa is fine with that. However, she also understands that a person can't always get what they want.

It is no easy task to get close to her and not one just anybody can do. Presa has built up walls and has a high defenses, this is caused by the betrayal by her parents and Alvin. If someone is able to bring them down can be very rewarding. She is an insanely loyal person once she trusts a person and they're somehow she feels close to, and she will do a lot for them too. Those who respect her, Presa will respect back. Gaius, the King she follows and the man who gave her home and purpose, is a very good example of how far she is willing to go for those that she does get along with as she has gone to war for him and put her life on the line. Along with that, she doesn't have a fear of death. Because she has had so many close calls to it, Presa has come to an understanding that when it happens, it will happen.

While Presa comes off as a strong-willed woman and one that has no fears, she is scared of having nowhere to belong. Throughout her life, Presa has had very small amounts of bonds with people and they have often severed. This has resulted in her living a lonely life, feeling like an outcast and having no proper home. It is partly why she finds herself to be hesitant to get close to people and let them in because one day they could betray and abandon her like the people before them. This is the reason that she is loyal to the Chimeriad as they became her home, her family.

When it comes down to it, Presa is a woman that wants to find her place in the world. She has a kind heart, one that she needs to shield and keep protected in order to protect herself. Those that she cares about as people she will always remember in her heart and isn't afraid to risk her life for them.
As a resident of Rieze Maxia, Presa has a mana lobe that allows her to channel mana from sprits to chant and transfer them artes, the term they use for magic. She specializes in water-based attacks that she uses her tome to channel which are used as offensive and defensive with minimal healing abilities.

Presa has the ability to link her artes with another person and use artes together. Unique to herself, Presa has a tail which is an arte that can be used for her attacks and her high heels. Pretty shoes aren't just for show after all and have proven to be quite dangerous.

Piphron. Presa goes through life being careful of who to trust and not trust, being aware of how it works and how it can be broken. She distrusts people most of the time and those she does come to trust, she will trust for life.


Coming back from the dead isn't a easy fact to accept. When you die, you expect that there is nothing afterwards. Instead, Presa found herself to be here and filled with a large amount of emotions mixing from being scared and worried, to being upset and a little angry. Emotions she didn't feel so strongly in quite a long time now and that caused her to feel anxious. After sitting down on the bench for a good few minutes, she noticed the area around here. When she first sat down, there had been some beautiful flowers growing next to her but now it looked like they withering away.

How sad to look at. Pushing her brows together, Presa got up from the bench only to turn around and kneel to touch the flowers. "A shame, but maybe you too will be lucky enough to have a second chance at life." It must look odd for her to be talking to a plant but Presa didn't just say that for it's sake. Those words are also to herself; to help her feel grateful to be alive again. Not everything is lucky enough to be able to get a second chance. The corner of her lips curved up into a smile and soon enough, the flowers started to get their colour back.

There is only one problem with being back however. Presa's smile quickly faded and she stood up, taking a step away from the flower and bench. She's alone again. The third time in her life were she felt abandoned, even though she can't blame those that left her, she had died after all.

Maybe she isn't so lucky after all because why bring her back if there is nothing here for her? Those she worked with, made bonds with, they weren't here. Half of them are dead now and the other two she has no idea about. Surely they would still be alive given who they are but it's impossible to tell when she's stuck here. There is a pang in her chest and soon enough, those flowers that had just brightened up returned to withered plants.